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On August 21st, 1969 Zionist, Denis Michael Rohan tried to hasten Armageddon and force God’s hand by trying to burn down The Al Aqsa …

تميم البرغوثي -


Nothing lasts if it wasn’t for god’s sake


سميح القاسم - تقدموا .


ًولم يزل رب الجنود قائماً وساهرا 


الله دائماً معك .. بوحدتك، بصمودك !

ما لي وللناس كم يلحونني سفهاً , ديني لنفسي ودين النّاس للناس

"Not burdening my self with their accusations , my religion is for myself and their religion is for them “

 And remember your Lord when you forget and say, “Perhaps my Lord will guide me to what is nearer than this to right conduct.”

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